Junia Groups

Junia2Junia Groups are empowerment and support groups for women in ministry. Often, ministry is a demanding vocation.  This may be especially true for women, as they balance the unique challenges and rewards of complex (i.e., dual-/multiple-) relationships, both inside and outside the contexts of congregation or chaplaincy.

Junia Groups are open-ended process groups – with emphasis on personal growth, support, and professional formation – through creating a safe space of confidentiality, respect, and nurture for women in ministry as they unfold the complexities of life in vocation.  *Junia Groups are not therapy groups.*

Dr. Hofstetter is a licensed minister and has served as district elder, overseeing the health and well-being of clergy and congregations within her tradition in the greater Los Angeles area, utilizing relational and systems expertise.

If you are interested in joining a Junia Group, please call 626-437-3866 or send a message to dr.hofstetter@gmail.com to inquire.  Share a flyer with someone who would value joining a Junia Group.

If you live outside of the southern California area, and are interested in developing a Junia Group in your location, you may subscribe to receive Junia Group leader materials and resources.

{History:  Junia, mentioned as ‘notable among apostles’ in the Pauline epistle to the Romans (16:7), is the matron saint of “Junia Groups.” Many believe that the common knowledge of her gender later went unrecognized or was otherwise obscured for centuries.  Junia Groups seek to affirm women and their gifts for ministry.

Disclaimers:  First, despite our common appreciation for the Apostle Junia, ‘Junia Groups’ are not affiliated with ‘The Junia Project.’  If you are curious about The Junia Project, it is an online community advocating biblical equality in leadership and mutuality in marriage.  …We’re not them, but we wish them well!  Second, Dr. Hofstetter produces leadership materials and resources for those who wish to lead Junia Groups outside of Southern California, though she does not certify nor credential group leaders and is not liable for the groups that she herself does not lead.

Credits: The Junia Groups logo is copyrighted, created by NeweDesign.}