Consultations & Seminars for Clergy

It is a privilege and an honor serving as a psychological consultant- providing continuing education seminars to clergy, congregations, faith-based educational communities, and denominational structures across the country, and in Canada.

Seminar Fees:

4- to 5-hour continuing education seminars on Care for Clergy & Congregations offered by Dr. Hofstetter are generally priced at $2,000 USD  (plus travel and accommodation).  However, fees are negotiable and dependent upon the particular needs of all parties.

At times, Dr. Hofstetter oversees the work of doctoral students in clinical psychology who are gaining supervised professional experience in consulting with clergy and congregations.   Fees for short-length seminars to clergy or churches (within Los Angeles), which also contribute to the educational experience of Dr. Hofstetter’s trainees, may be offered at a significantly reduced rate. Please call to inquire.

Individual Ministry Consultations by Telephone:

Dr. Hofstetter offers ministry consultation by telephone to pastors and churches.  These consultations are $50 per 30-minute sessions.  Dr. Hofstetter can help walk you through complicated issues that happen  in the church.  These consultations are for educational purposes only.  These consultations are not psychotherapy services, and they are not a substitute for consultations with a lawyer.   Call to make an appointment 9am-7pm PST.  Here is a sample agreement form for our telephone ministry consultations.